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A couple of decades ago, I left the corporate grind and tried my hand at making video productions. An appreciation of veterans and their stories led me to my initial efforts, with a documentary film about the sad fate of the US Asiatic Fleet early in World War II. In particular the film focused on the story of the USS Houston (CA-30). It became a lifelong passion to interview veterans and capture some of their peculiar insight to the human condition as it relates to war. Maybe it helps that I too am a veteran.

THE LAST STAND OF THE USS HOUSTON remains one of my best sellers. It is often purchased with the highly polished Dutch film - THE BATTLE OF THE JAVA SEA for which I paid US Distribution rights. The two films compliment each other very well.

Other veteran favorites center around the films and recollections of Battle of the Bulge veterans. Many of the interviews on the DVDs are supplemented by further clips posted on youtube at

And then, there are an eclectic mix of films that over time found favor with various markets. The relaxtion series of snowfall, country roads and airplanes in flight is a favorite of retirement homes. One special film called SNOWETRY (snowfall with poetry) came about as a project with a poet who lives in Florida. Enjoy browsing. I hope you find something here that will enrich your life or the life of someone you love.
Popular Titles
Flagship of the Asiatic Fleet -1941. The Pacific Fleet (sunk in Hawaii) never came to help ... as planned.
Heard of the "RIver Kwai"?

The Combined ALLIED FLEET was destroyed in this battle. A superb documentary provides the history.
The Battle of The Bulge.
A collection of remembrances of Christmas from Veterans who who were there.
VOICES OF THE LAND is an educational adventure in learning how the "Skylands" region of NJ developed over time.
Concentration Camp Liberated
An 11th Armored Div Veteran made movies of the liberation
This one is a download from the Amazon store and makes a wonderful gift or shared viewing with loved ones.
One of THREE relaxation DVDs
A Little off Balance
but this homeless philospher provides quite a bit of thoughtful and entertaining dialogue.
Vic Campbell
Writer and Filmmaker

Here is a HISTORY of NW New Jersey where I used to live.
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